Artificial intelligence
for your well-being

We are eB2

for your well-being

We are eB2

for your well-being

We are eB2

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Huella eB2We are eB2
Evidence-based behavior

We apply Artificial Intelligence and mobile technologies for the care of people.

We create products and solutions to measure human behavior

through a completely customizable and intuitive system.

We collect the digital footprint of a person

and transform it into useful information for them,

the health personnel, caregivers and families

Each person is unique,

as each solution is

We help you find the 
solution that is right for you

There is a perfect app for each situation: persons looking for to improve their emotional well-being, patients, doctors, enterprises, or health providers or researcher.






eB2 solutions

For mental health

We help and support mental health patients to ameliorate their quality of life. Through the measurement and characterization of the persons behavior, we are responding to an assistance need.

For emotional well-being

We provide tools to support the monitoring and emotional management of our users. We help to develop healthy habits and to adopt personalized routines for each individual.

For occupational health

We promote the adoption of healthy habits for the well-being of workers, reducing stress and work absenteeism. Healthier enterprises, happier people.

For chronic diseases

We offer a solution outside of the hospital environment for chronically ill people, through the monitoring and evaluation of their functionality and life quality.


We accelerate knowledge acquisition and facilitate information and objective measurements about the behavior and functionality of individuals.


We carry out technological consultancies and advice on the application of Machine Learning techniques for the characterization and measurement of the user’s behavior regarding the use of applications and systems.


eHealth solution for mental health and emotional well-being.

Behavior assessment service that can be included in apps and eHealth systems. This is designed for customers with a previous eHealth system.

Platform for academic and clinic research.

Working for your

We are eB2

With the best professional team

With solid support for research

With clinically validated solutions

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