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We present eB2 MindCare, an integrated eHealth solution for the functional evaluation of psychiatric patients that provides useful and interpretable information for the clinicians, caregivers and patients, contributing to a better management of mental diseases.

How we do it?


eB2 Apps

Passive Data Collection

Android and IOs applications that collects information from the patient continuously and objective.

We develop

Behaviour Modelling by Artificial Intelligence

eB2 MindCare developes Machine Learning based solutions for behaviour evaluation.

We offer

Useful and interpretable information

eB2 MindCare is a patient-centric care solution that transforms all data into precise and interpretable information for the patients, caregivers, doctors and health care system.

Our aim is to help and support patient’s mental health to deal with their disorder and improve their quality of life, using patient’s behavior measurement and characterisation to answer an existing clinical need. We propose a solution easy to use, personalised, non intrusive, automatic, and clinically validated.

eB2 MindCare is configured as a software platform that targets specific disorders and is adapted to the needs of the clinicians, providing a solution that is easy to use, personalized, non-stigmatizing, automatic, and clinically validated. We are changing the way in which patients with mental illnesses are monitored and treated by clinicians achieving three main objectives:

  • To transform the patient’s behavior into useful data by converting day to day actions into actionable insights.

  • To predict the behavior reliably by applying scientific psychological models and methods from Artificial Intelligence.

  • To improve the efficacy of the mental Healthcare cycle by reducing emergency room visits, extra hospitalization and paid work leaves.

How can I get it?


eB2 Mobile Logger
eB2 Mobile Logger
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