AI at the service of mental health and emotional well-being


We put our technology and experience in Artificial Intelligence at your fingertips, especially for mental health and emotional well-being:

> eB2 MindCare: eHealth solution for mental health and emotional well-being.
> eB2 Research: Platform for academic and clinical research use.
> eB2 Behavioral Analytics: Analysis of behavioral data on demand in real time and in block.
> eB2 Consultancy: Technology consulting (Machine Learning and data processing).

Committed to the healthcare spectrum



Giving objective and real time information about the state of the patients: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, autism, eating disorders, etc…


Providing personalised information on the daily problems that affect the emotional health of each person: insomnia, stress, daily activity.


By giving information to the professionals about the functionality of the patients: neurorehabilitation, oncology, cardiovascular interventions, etc…

For patients, their families, caregivers and healthcare professionals

eB2 MindCare

Intelligent and intuitive eHealth solution, for:

  • Self-management and prevention in mental health.
  • Management, monitoring and care of patients.
  • Promoting emotional well-being.
  • Follow-up of a loved one.

For research purposes (academic, pharmacy, clinical studies)

eB2 Research

Platform for academic and clinical research use.

Accelerates the generation of scientific and medical knowledge, providing information and objective measures on the behavior and functionality of patients.

Scientific evidence for the mental health care system

eB2 Behavioral Analytics

Multi-block and real time behavioural data analysis.

Experience and knowledge in AI and Machine Learning for Health

eB2 Consultancy

Technological consultancy, technical advice on Machine Learning and data processing applied to health and other areas.

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