Pooling our resources

We are eB2

Pooling our resources

We are eB2



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Medical Service providers have found excellent support in our solutions to monitor their users and optimize time and resources.

We offer more effective management of patients and personnel, putting the focus where it is needed.


Personalized care:
higher life quality for the patient and their family inside and outside of the hospital

Higher efficiencythanks to the real-time monitoring of the patient’s status

Medical insurance companies

Reduction in face-to-face consultations through personalized recommendations and prevention

Cost savings in hospitalizations

Cost savings in medical leave through the promotion of well-being

Healthcare providers

Assessment of adherence in Pay-For-Performance payments

Phases III and IV of clinical trials in pharmacology (138 medicines in development for mental health in 2019)


Portal web for managers and healthcare providers

All the information gathered in the previous links is consolidated into a portal for the monitoring and evaluation of the data.

It allows you to:

Integration with HIS and the electronic clinic history.

Adaptable to the needs and functions of the health personnel

Customizable in appearance, information and resources for the patients

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