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We are eB2

We reach you

We are eB2

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Focused on your health

Our objective is to know you and work to ameliorate your life quality, using behavioral measurements and characterization to offer you personalized routines and habits. Because each person is unique.

If you wish to ameliorate your emotional well-being

To understand better your health status

If you want to provide data to your relatives

To speed up your medical consultations

To self-manage your illness

To detect possible relapses

To alert in a dangerous situation

To maintain a
personalized control



The mobile app for your well-being

Your support tool for your follow-up and emotional management. Develop healthy personalized habits and share information with your loved ones and your doctor; so those who care about you don’t miss anything.

It allows you to:

Decide with whom you want to share your information

Establish objectives in your daily routines

Access tools to understand your situation

Keep a record about how you feel or what has happened

Access to resources and information about pathologies and healthy life habits

How can we help you?

Contact us to receive accurate information adapted to your specific case.

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